Save Javan Rhino

Assalaamu’alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuhu

Hi! We are 5th grade “Ternate-Tidore” students, from Sekolah Alam Indonesia.

We love studying here, because everything is fun. The class is fun, the school is fun, the friends are fun, and the teachers are fun too.
Now, what’s even more fun, we’re going to study outdoor!!! We’re going to Ujung Kulon!

Near Krakatau, which once upon a time had devastated the world with its explosion.

Do you know, in Ujung Kulon, there is a habitat of critically endangered Javan rhinos.
These days, there are only few Javan rhinos left, because people used to hunt them.

We are going to study and try to help save Javan rhino, by planting trees that will provide them with their natural food.
Please, support us, so we can study and save Javan rhino.

Interested to join our conservation effort to save Javan rhino by planting their natural diet?

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